How to reuse an old computer?

It has happened to almost all of us that when acquiring a new computer we have abandoned the old PC that accompanied us for years . Usually, the first thing we do is put it away with other old junk, until one day we meet it again and sadly decide to get rid of the obsolete equipment. But stop! We can always bring it back to life!

When we replace the old PC , and especially when we begin to experience the gigantic benefits that the new computer we buy offers us , the old equipment begins to fulfill functions that have nothing to do with its true purpose , since it is abandoned in some corner of our home only resigns itself to gathering dust.

The truth is that if the PC still works , and all its components are in an acceptable state, we do not have to turn it into a technological grill as seen in the photo, much less get rid of it.

There is always the possibility of bringing her back to life, reassigning her other tasks. In short, with a little work that obsolete team can become the ideal ally for certain tasks . That is why here we tell you what are some of the most interesting alternatives to be able to reuse the old computer.

Windows to Linux PC

If we are Windows users , and we have always resisted testing the effectiveness and functionality of Linux, the old PC can become the ideal means to do so . Even once we have installed some of the distributions of said system, we can experiment by making thousands of changes and modifications in the configuration, without the fear of ruining the installation, because ultimately, as it is an old machine, we can always go back to format it for further testing .

In this sense, the ideal is to opt for one of the most popular and simple Linux distributions , for example Ubuntu or its sister Kubuntu , depending on the desktop environment we want to test, whether Gnome or KDE , although of course we can install, uninstall and reinstall everything we want on this machine.

Once we have installed any of the Linux distributions, we can also begin to download and install a myriad of free distribution applications, and thus test the advantages that free software offers , without putting the PC we use to work at risk.

If you are thinking of reusing your old PC by installing Linux , we invite you to read some articles that can be very useful.

From PC to NAS server

Another interesting alternative in regards to the function that we can reassign to the old computer is to turn it into a NAS server for our house , and in this way take great advantage of the obsolete equipment.

This is ideal in cases where we have a home network made up of various computers used by various users . For example, if at home we have a couple of desktop PCs, plus a notebook or netbook, and some other device such as a tablet, the old computer can become the server where the most diverse files that we want to use are stored. on the different computers that make up the home network .

What is Linux?

Surely on more than one occasion we have heard of the “war” between Windows users and Linux users, both operating systems, where each side vehemently exposes the most important characteristics of their preferred environment. And if we have listened carefully, it is most likely that we have been wanting to know more about this free operating system.

Currently, Linux is one of the easiest operating systems in the world to use, at the level of Windows or even more, since the user does not have to deal with viruses or problems associated with security, mainly due to the strong policy of system permissions, which does not allow the proliferation of these threats. However, no Linux does not end in security concepts, it is an operating system that has a lot to offer.

If you want to know a little about the history and current affairs of Linux, do not hesitate to continue reading the rest of this article.

A little history

Linux is basically an operating system based on Mimix, which in turn was based on Unix , which was designed primarily to offer users of the computers of that time a zero-cost operating system with the possibility of growth.

Developed by Linus Torvalds at the University of Helsinki in the early 1990s, Linux grew into a serious and respectable competition to market alternatives like Windows,and it’s not just that Linux is free, it’s about it. it has to do with that it is a solid, stable and very complete system.

Thanks to the fact that the Linux kernel, the fundamental part of the operating system, joined forces with the Foundation for Free Software, we can now have distributions for practically every type of task, from audio editing to distributions for office automation, ready to use. be downloaded, burned on a DVD or pendrive and installed on any computer.

Free, Open Source and Free

Unlike other proprietary systems like Windows, Linux is open source, which means that each user, according to their knowledge, can bring improvements to the features and the software, which translates into greater flexibility and capacity.

What is a Linux distribution?

Basically, a Linux distribution is a complete operating system packaged and ready to use, with all the necessary software including audio and video editors, office suite, and video conferencing apps, among many others, and generally oriented to a specific use, if well there is no shortage of general purpose distros like Ubuntu.

In this sense, Ubuntu is one of the most respected Linux distros, thanks to the fact that it is easy to install, maintain and solve possible problems that may arise with use.

However, it is not the only one that meets these conditions, since we also have Kubuntu, ElementaryOS and many others.

Here is the process to add in Excel?

Slowly, office applications such as Microsoft Office have been replacing the old accounting habits in offices and shops, since in addition to being much faster than the notepad, calculator and paper, they offer many other features that can lead to our small business to another level.

But not only in business and commerce are these types of office suites used, they are also essential tools in the home when keeping records of entries and exits. Also, students can get an immense benefit from them, in this sense there is nothing faster than using Excel and its formulas to ensure that our sums are correct. Precisely how to do sums in Excel we will talk in this article, where we will learn to do it through formulas and also directly.

Step by step to add in Excel

Basically , Excel spreadsheets were developed with the purpose of storing data in their cells and being able to perform mathematical operations and functions with these data. That is why this type of application can find so many formulas and functions. In this case, Excel offers several ways to operate with this data, including sums, which we will talk about below.

Add in Excel without formula

To take advantage of Excel, we don’t necessarily have to use formulas. In this case we can make a sum in Excel directly the sign “+”.

Step 1: In a new spreadsheet, we introduce the following example data, as we can see in the following image:

Step 2: Then, in cell “B6” we add an “=” sign which indicates the start of the operation and we add the values ​​of cells B2, B3, B4 and B5. The operation should be done as follows: = B2 + B3 + B4 + B5.

Step 3: To finish, press the “Enter” key on the keyboard, which will immediately make the result of the sum appear in Excel.

Add in Excel with formula

In addition to adding in Excel without formula, we also have available a way to add in Excel with formulas, which allows us greater flexibility, especially in calculation children with huge amounts of data.

This formula is called “SUM” and it is one of the main tools for addition in Excel. In the case of this formula, we must use it following the correct syntax, which is the following:

Use AutoSum to add numbers in Excel

In case we need Excel to add for us automatically , we have available the appropriate tool for this, called “AutoSum”, which is represented by the symbol ∑, which means “Sum”. This option will allow us to carry out the sum of several numbers simultaneously.

It should be noted that the icon to access the autosum option in Excel is located in the menu bar, precisely in the “Home” tab , almost at the end of the options.

However, in this section we not only find the Excel AutoSum function, but we also have other calculation options available, such as obtaining the average, the maximum, the minimum and the possibility of counting numbers, among others.

Essential tricks to use Autosum in Excel

If we want to add all the rows on a sheet, all we have to do is drag to the right with the black square of the cell where the autosum is located, after which the remaining columns will be automatically added.

“Add if” function in Excel

Without a doubt, the SUMARIF function included with Excel is one of the most interesting and useful features that this spreadsheet has. The SUMARIF function in Excel basically offers us the possibility of adding a group of cells that meet a certain criterion, which allows us to exclude from the sum all those that do not meet this condition that we imposed.

But in order to be useful, we must first know that in order to use the ADD function, we have to know that it has three arguments, which will be explained below

As a first example, we have a very simple one to easily check how the SUMARIF function in Excel works . In this example, we are going to add up all the cells that contain the number “15”.

How to add hours in Excel

One of the most frequent operations carried out in Excel is to add hours, which is not an easy task, since it is necessary to know some procedures to be able to carry it out correctly, especially if we are one of the users who first we add the minutes and then convert them to hours, the following tips will really come in handy.

In this sense, one of the most common problems when we have to add multiple cells that contain hours and minutes, mainly due to the fact that for every 60 minutes we must add 1 hour to the sum, which complicates the picture a bit, making it more complicated and difficult to solve.

To exemplify this fact, let’s assume that we have a spreadsheet with a range of cells with the hours and minutes that a person has worked on a certain task.

How to subtract in Excel

Microsoft Office is the most used office suite on the desks of millions of workers in companies and companies around the world for all kinds of activities, mainly due to its characteristics and functions. It’s a well-proven fact that Office users are loyal to their apps as they provide everything they need to get their jobs done with speed and precision.

Within Office, there are several applications, including Word, OneNote, PowerPoint and others, but one of the most used is undoubtedly Excel, a standard for carrying out all kinds of operations that have to do with accounting numbers and the rest. From small to large companies, through SMEs and productive ventures, Excel is the spreadsheet app that will surely solve all our number problems in the most efficient way possible.

In Excel it is possible to perform all kinds of mathematical operations such as adding and subtracting, as we can see in this other article where we will learn how to add with Excel , as well as others of much higher complexity with a few clicks of the mouse. In this post we are going to teach you how to subtract in Excel in the simplest and fastest possible way .

How to subtract in Excel

In Microsoft Excel we have several different procedures available to be able to subtract a series of numbers, each of them applicable to a particular situation. Some of these procedures are best suited for subtracting within Excel cells, while others are best for subtracting an entire range of cells. As we can see, we can subtract numbers with Excel in the most appropriate way to our needs.

From this point on, we will show you how to subtract in Excel with simple steps, with which we will be able to perform the operation in the way that best suits our needs, and also in the most comfortable and practical way.

Subtract in Excel without formula

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is run Excel.

Step 2

After that, click on “Blank book”, located in the left panel of Excel, in the “Templates” section.

Step 3

Once the spreadsheet has been opened, click on one of the Excel cells. At this point, unless we are going to enter more data to make a spreadsheet, the location of the cell that you select for the case is not important.

Step 4

Next, we introduce the “=” symbol without including the quotation marks. With this we will prepare the cell to generate the formula.

Step 5

At this point, we will enter the number from which we want to subtract a certain amount. The number that we enter in the cell will appear located to the right of the “=” sign. As examples of subtraction in Excel we can take the total assigned from a budget and the figures that we are spending from it.

How to subtract hours in Excel

One of the most used functions of Excel is that of time calculations, with which an exact control of working hours and other scenarios that require a time measurement is obtained. In case we want, for example, to calculate the exact number of time that it has taken us to carry out a certain job, with Excel we can do it easily and quickly.

However, adding and subtracting hours is not as simple as adding and subtracting cells as we would in any other arithmetic operation. For the subtraction of hours in Excel to work properly, we must format the cells involved in the process to the custom time format.

In order to correctly subtract hours in Excel, we are going to perform the following exercise. Let’s imagine that we have to control how long it took an employee to finish a task. We know that it started at 10:00 AM, and ended it at 5:45 PM. This calculation is easy to perform for one person, one time, and one task, but let’s multiply this by multiple employees, multiple tasks, and entire weeks. In this scenario, Excel becomes indispensable.

Unzip ZIP step by step

Those of us who work with computers and other devices on many occasions will find ourselves faced with the scenario of having to send a set of files and folders in which we are working to someone, and the difficulty of putting all these elements together to send them immediately arises. without inconveniences, that is to say in an understandable way and also complete, ready to be used by others without problems.

This fact is further aggravated when there are difficulties when having to send large files that are generally generated from these compilations, which will invariably exceed the capacity of most of the services we use for this type of thing, such as e-mail. or cloud storage . Fortunately we have some tools with which to solve these problems in the simplest and fastest way possible. Data compression

When users with more experience encounter the problem of not being able to send large files through the usual channels, they usually resort to one of the available systems for data compression, that is, to use a tool that allows all files and folders to be put together in question in a single compressed file.

At this point, over the decades and after the emergence of dozens of applications dedicated to being able to compress and decompress files, without a doubt the ZIP format continues to be the most used and popular today.

This is due to different reasons, but fundamentally to the fact that the ZIP format gives us a series of fantastic functionalities for compressing and decompressing files, such as being highly compatible with all platforms and operating systems, which allows us to use it without thinking on the type of computer or device that others have. 

Whether we are going to use that resulting compressed file to store content, or to send it or share it with someone else, the ZIP compression format is always the most suitable for all situations that arise.

Of course, not all users are used to working with compressed files whose extension is ZIP , so in this article we will review some of the main characteristics of ZIP files, as well as the different procedures that must be carried out to decompress it. file type on different platforms.

What is a ZIP file

In general terms, we can say that a ZIP document is a file type extension that is associated with file compression, that is, ZIP files include a set of files and folders that have been compressed through software. so that they fit in a smaller file, which is the ZIP file.

Reviewing a little the history of the origins of ZIP files, we find that in the eighties the first algorithms were introduced to be able to perform file compression, by the hand of developer Phil Katz.

At that time, the PkWare company developed programs such as PkZip and PkUnZip exclusively for the then DOS operating system, with which computer users could compress and decompress their files in a certain type of standard, so these algorithms reached the category of public domain.

Little by little, many software developers were introducing their applications created to work with ZIP files to the market, becoming one of the most popular, even to this day, the WinZip application, which is basically the ZIP version for the system. Windows operating, hence its popularity.

On the other hand, it is important to clarify here that there are some files that, although their extension is not exactly “.zip”, the truth is that they are actually ZIP files, including JAR, RAR, 7- ZIP files, ALZip and others, since they ultimately fulfill the same function.

Extend the WiFi signal to the whole house: Tips and tricks

Without a doubt, when we have more than one desktop computer in our home, and we also have  portable devices that require an Internet connection to perform various tasks, such  as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and others, the possibility of having one wireless connection that reaches every corner of the house becomes a real necessity.

Of course, many consider that achieving this is an almost titanic task,  which is why many times they end up requiring the services of a technician,  with which they must disburse a large amount of money, when in fact today we can carry this project forward ourselves, since the truth is that it is not so complicated after all.

Of course, if we are going to use this wireless connection,  which not only gives us the possibility of having Internet everywhere in our home,  but also allows us to create an internal network to share files and others between devices and computers. , said connection must have a good quality,  and this includes the fact of avoiding that in certain sectors of the house the Wi-Fi connection does not reach.

Well, to be able to undertake this task, before starting it is important to take into account a series of essential guidelines, which will be essential when trying to have an optimal wireless Internet connection.

For this, of course, we will need to have a router and a repeater, which must be strategically located,  since the effectiveness of wireless connectivity will depend on it. Therefore, here we bring you some of the most important aspects in this regard.

WiFi coverage First: a good WiFi router

As we all know,  the Wi-Fi Router is the device that allows us to spread the wireless Internet signal within a certain space,  and although in the current market we can find a great variety of brands and models, at the most varied prices, The truth is that  when acquiring a Wi-Fi router we must emphasize its range characteristics,  since the ideal is to buy one that offers us the maximum possible coverage.

In this regard, one of the points in which we should look before buying a Wi-Fi Router is the power expressed in mW that it has,  and in general the idea is to opt for a device that has more than 200 mW,  since this assures us that you can have a very good coverage. Take into account that  the higher the power expressed in mW of the Router, the greater the range the network reaches  within the spaces, especially when there are walls that separate the rooms.

However, unfortunately this information is usually not expressed in many brands and models in their packaging or in the body of the Router itself,  so it is recommended to look for the specific model on the manufacturer’s website, where we will surely find it and much more information about the device we are about to buy.

On the other hand,  when acquiring a Wi-Fi Router we must also be attentive to the GHZ with which they operate,  which will also depend on the space in which we want the wireless Internet connection to be available, since it is not the same structure that such a connection should have in a house with only ground floor, than in an apartment within a multi-story building.

Connect to Wifi: Tips, problems and solutions

Take care of our children when they surf the internet

Internet connects us with the world in a single click. For this reason, you need to be careful with the type of information that your children are accessing. When used with caution, the web serves to stimulate children’s curiosity, help with homework, and make friends. But sadly, there are many hidden dangers on the web that can harm children. One of them is cyberbullying , a practice that increasingly worries parents and teachers. With the help of new social tools and websites, children, and even adults, humiliate, defame and discriminate against other people anonymously.

To prevent your child from being a victim of this type of aggression, it is essential to pay attention to their behavior,  both at home and at school, in addition to placing browsing filters and setting limits for Internet use. With the help of filters (existing programs in Windows itself),  you can prevent the child from being exposed to inappropriate content for minors. 

Internet and cell phone in children’s hands

The craze for mobile telephony has managed to cross all limits, since although in the beginning, precisely in the years of the birth of this technology, devices for mobile personal communications were designed exclusively for a certain sector of consumers, the truth is that nowadays  the offer of cell phones has expanded notably to an increasingly numerous audience and from different social extracts,  due to the increase in users of this type of equipment.

Today,  even the youngest children use cell phones , not only because of the fashion trends that lead the way for people’s consumption, but also because of the fact that cell phones are often an exceptional element for parents to be able to use. be aware of your children’s daily activities. 

Mobile phones allow us to always be in communication , anywhere and at any time, which is why they have become a real necessity not only for adults, but also for children of school age.

Therefore, it is not surprising that different studies carried out in this field have shown that currently  60% of children under ten years of age have already started using cell phones.

According to a study recently published by the European Youth Institute (INJUVE), which evaluated the world situation regarding the use of cell phones by children, it is known that currently  59% of those under the age of ten have a mobile phone,  or use their parents’.

Research has shown that mobile phone use increases progressively as children get older, pointing out that  most users between the ages of 10 and 18 regularly use a cell phone , which they usually use to send or receive messages.

As is to be expected, these figures have been reached due to the overcrowding of the Internet that occurred in recent years, through which  information and technology have been made available and easily accessible in the lives of the little ones.

Internet: the rage of the youngest

According to the same research, 71% of children around the world have an Internet connection in their homes,  which shows the strong insertion of technology that has been experienced in recent years at all levels.

The same study has revealed that  88% of adolescents are currently unconditional Internet users , among which 96% use the network regularly, to perform mainly recreational tasks, such as sending and receiving email, chatting using instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, making video calls , browsing through popular social networks ,  such as Facebook or Twitter, and similar entertainment such as online games and others.

This has resulted in  81% of young people using the Internet only to make new friends , exchange comments with their contacts and keep up with the activities of their friends, while the rest of users of the same age group use the Internet. network to find information that facilitates the tasks related to their studies.

Finally, the study has shown that 5% of young people who use the Internet and who are between 10 and 18 years of age, have used the tools made available by the network to commit acts that harm other people , through Of offensive comments, publication of photos or videos and so on.

What is technology?

Probably, the word technology is one of the most used these days, however many do not know the real scope of the meaning of this term. The word “Technology” does not apply only to a certain field, but must be used in the context of all technical development.

The word “Technology” can be found among us for a long time, precisely in the Greek vocabulary, which shows that it is a term that does not apply only to cell phones, televisions or other modern devices. In this article, we will learn a little more about this term and its true implications.

What is the true meaning of the word “Technology”?

To better understand the meaning of the word, we must first take into account that “technology” is a word that should be used in the context of the application of resources and knowledge in solving a specific problem.

Technology has been used in the creation of various elements throughout human history, without using computers or electronic devices in the process. Which means that the term should not only be linked to computers and electronic devices, as is common in the everyday language of millions of people around the world.

A clear example that the word should not be tied only to computer advances is the metallurgical technology used in the creation of various iron elements and their casting methods in the 12th century BC.

What is technology for?

At present, technology occupies a place of preponderance in people’s daily lives, assisting them in practically any task that is undertaken, to such an extent that it can be said that we depend too much on it, a consideration with which many philosophers and sociologists would be agree.

However, it is impossible for the human race to climb trees again after so many millions of years traveled, and it must continue on this path. Technology is neither good nor bad, it will simply depend on how it is used.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to point out that technology is the main tool with which humanity will conquer the space and the environment in which it operates, improving the quality of life and the way in which the tasks that must be fulfilled in the world are carried out. process.

And beyond the apocalyptic considerations of some, who argue that technology will lead the human race to its self-destruction, due to the supposed isolation that computer devices are generating in recent times, that is only the vision of some, since In fact, we could ensure that these developments, far from causing isolation and isolation, what they have allowed is to bring people closer together, from anywhere in the world and at any time, finally making technology allow to overcome language and cultural barriers.

Children with cell phones and tablets

If you think that your child’s main problem at recess is just settling in to watch a cartoon, you’re probably wrong. With advances in technology,  children’s interest in being updated with technological developments increases daily.  It cannot be denied that children absorb more information than adults regarding the use of computers, which today went from being pure entertainment to being an indispensable tool for homework.

Research conducted for the children’s TV channel Cartoon Network revealed that  children are increasingly connected to technology . This change in behavior is reflected in the profile of the present that they would like to experience: the majority asked for some technological equipment. Computers, internet and video games top the list of the points present in the daily lives of children.

Technology within the reach of children

The way they interact with friends online is among the main reasons that make children more and more connected to social networks and the Internet in general . Today, young people multitask at the same time, from texting on cell phones to participating in discussion groups with constant updates. The Wi-Fi technology allows children to take anywhere your tablets, smartphones and laptops and thus continue to access their favorite pastimes such as social networks, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and assumptions, games, among others activities.

According to a study by Personal Finance Education Group in the UK, a  child’s interest in acquiring technology, such as cell phones or computer games, can help develop money awareness . Concern about the amount of cell phone use and getting money to buy the latest releases means that  many children volunteer to do housework for their parents as a kind of exchange to acquire technological products. This encouragement can be very positive for parents to guide their children to make safe decisions about financial management.

How to choose the best computer for your child

Many parents find themselves in trouble when choosing a computer for their children . A desktop computer or a notebook? Which is the best brand? Before starting to plan the purchase of a PC for our children, it is necessary to know the child’s profile. If your child likes to stay connected all the time, the ideal is a notebook, which he can even take on trips.

What is XML? What is it for? Features and Benefits

It has been a long time since the Internet went from being a simple search engine for academic subjects and little else to becoming practically part of our lives, occupying almost all the time we are awake, and also when we are asleep. This has basically happened because the great network of networks has spread offering services and tools that have been really very useful for us to develop our daily lives, both at home and at work.

Since its inception, this growth has required a consistent, modern and safe technology, more precisely programming languages ​​with which to implement all the tools that the Internet offers us, from the plain and simple web, OneDrive or Drive to YouTube or Instagram. Had it not been for the development of modern and flexible markup and programming languages, the Internet we know today could not have existed.

In this sense, XML has a lot to do with the development of services that we can use on the web, and that is why in this post we will focus on its advantages and characteristics.

What is XML?

Although XML technology is applied in many fields of computing such as databases, text editors such as Microsoft Word or spreadsheets such as Excel, where it is used for the exchange of structured data between different platforms, the truth is that the web is the field of application in which we most notice its presence.

Although the HTML language is still the preferred tool to create the pages that make up the Internet, the truth is that the role of XML in this work is more than important, being the leading roles that of XML to structure the information and that of HTML to determine how the data will be displayed in the browser. XML comes from the SGML standard, which is used to define generalized markup languages ​​for documents.

Surely at this point we will be thinking about why not simply use SGML to design web pages, forgetting everything else. The simple answer to this question is that SGML is too complex to be used in web applications or browsers.

Although the W3 Consortium evaluated how to take advantage of the qualities of SGML without having to face its complexity, the truth is that there was no easy way. That is why the XML standard was proposed: an extensible language that preserves the properties of SGML but is stripped of its complexity. With the help of this new standard, the limits of HTML can be exceeded.

The acronym XML is short for the expression “Extensible Markup Language”, which could be translated as “Extensible Markup Language”. It is a language used to structure the information in any document that contains text, such as the configuration files of a specific application or a database. However, XML is not a markup language.

The reason for its popularity, which has increased over the last few years, is due to the fact that it is an open and also free standard, created by W3C, the World Wide Web consortium, the same creators of the WWW , in collaboration with a work team that includes representatives of the most important software companies. The XML language was created in 1996. From that moment its use had a sustained growth.

How to measure Internet speed and improve it!

Today we live connected to the internet, frequenting social networks and dating sites like Facebook or Tinder, accessing informational portals and consuming many hours of video on platforms like YouTube. We all know  the impact that losing the connection causes us in the middle of browsing , everything stops: our  online purchases,  downloads and access to our favorite sites.

Technically,  trying to detect the reason for the internet connection drop is difficult,  as several factors can contribute to this. But, we can run some tests that can make identification easier. In this post we will talk about all of this, also providing abundant information and good advice to know why the Internet is cut off and how to measure the speed of our connection.

Is your internet connection unstable? What can be done?

If we want to know the reasons why our Internet connection is unstable, that is to say that it is interrupted and does not let us navigate with all the comfort we deserve, from this point we will find all the possible causes that can cause the problem, and of course the right solution for every situation.

1. Move closer to the WiFi router

In the case that our connection is through wireless technology, one of the first tests that we must do is take the computer close to the router and try again. If the connection works well and we can navigate without problems, surely there is some serious interference between the router and your computer.

IF the problem is solved, the obvious solution is to move the WiFi router to a location that better distributes the wireless signal to all corners of the house or office.

If you still have problems, that is to say that if even when we approach the WiFi router the connection still continues to break, we must connect to the router using a network cable. If the connection is reestablished, the problem is most likely with the WiFi board or the WiFi router.

2. Change the WiFi board drivers

As possible solutions to the problem, we can suggest reinstalling all the WiFi card drivers. Another simple test is to turn off the router, wait approximately 10 seconds, and then turn the device back on.

If the problem persists, then it is time to consult the authorized technical service, who will better assess the situation, and it may even be that they change the device, as it may present failures.

3. Check all network cables

Many times, the solution is to use another network cable so that the Internet connection is normalized. Check that the RJ45 connectors of the network cable are firmly connected, both in the router and in the PC. To ensure that the interconnections are in good condition, we disconnect and reconnect the tabs to rule out false contacts. One piece of information that can be useful to us is that the best way to know if the connectors are well secured is to hear a “click” when we connect the tabs to the devices.

4. Remove the router from the network for a few minutes

Another thing we can do is get the router out of the Internet connection path. To do this, all we have to do is connect the modem directly to the PC and observe the behavior of the connection.