Here is the process to add in Excel?

Slowly, office applications such as Microsoft Office have been replacing the old accounting habits in offices and shops, since in addition to being much faster than the notepad, calculator and paper, they offer many other features that can lead to our small business to another level.

But not only in business and commerce are these types of office suites used, they are also essential tools in the home when keeping records of entries and exits. Also, students can get an immense benefit from them, in this sense there is nothing faster than using Excel and its formulas to ensure that our sums are correct. Precisely how to do sums in Excel we will talk in this article, where we will learn to do it through formulas and also directly.

Step by step to add in Excel

Basically , Excel spreadsheets were developed with the purpose of storing data in their cells and being able to perform mathematical operations and functions with these data. That is why this type of application can find so many formulas and functions. In this case, Excel offers several ways to operate with this data, including sums, which we will talk about below.

Add in Excel without formula

To take advantage of Excel, we don’t necessarily have to use formulas. In this case we can make a sum in Excel directly the sign “+”.

Step 1: In a new spreadsheet, we introduce the following example data, as we can see in the following image:

Step 2: Then, in cell “B6” we add an “=” sign which indicates the start of the operation and we add the values ​​of cells B2, B3, B4 and B5. The operation should be done as follows: = B2 + B3 + B4 + B5.

Step 3: To finish, press the “Enter” key on the keyboard, which will immediately make the result of the sum appear in Excel.

Add in Excel with formula

In addition to adding in Excel without formula, we also have available a way to add in Excel with formulas, which allows us greater flexibility, especially in calculation children with huge amounts of data.

This formula is called “SUM” and it is one of the main tools for addition in Excel. In the case of this formula, we must use it following the correct syntax, which is the following:

Use AutoSum to add numbers in Excel

In case we need Excel to add for us automatically , we have available the appropriate tool for this, called “AutoSum”, which is represented by the symbol ∑, which means “Sum”. This option will allow us to carry out the sum of several numbers simultaneously.

It should be noted that the icon to access the autosum option in Excel is located in the menu bar, precisely in the “Home” tab , almost at the end of the options.

However, in this section we not only find the Excel AutoSum function, but we also have other calculation options available, such as obtaining the average, the maximum, the minimum and the possibility of counting numbers, among others.

Essential tricks to use Autosum in Excel

If we want to add all the rows on a sheet, all we have to do is drag to the right with the black square of the cell where the autosum is located, after which the remaining columns will be automatically added.

“Add if” function in Excel

Without a doubt, the SUMARIF function included with Excel is one of the most interesting and useful features that this spreadsheet has. The SUMARIF function in Excel basically offers us the possibility of adding a group of cells that meet a certain criterion, which allows us to exclude from the sum all those that do not meet this condition that we imposed.

But in order to be useful, we must first know that in order to use the ADD function, we have to know that it has three arguments, which will be explained below

As a first example, we have a very simple one to easily check how the SUMARIF function in Excel works . In this example, we are going to add up all the cells that contain the number “15”.

How to add hours in Excel

One of the most frequent operations carried out in Excel is to add hours, which is not an easy task, since it is necessary to know some procedures to be able to carry it out correctly, especially if we are one of the users who first we add the minutes and then convert them to hours, the following tips will really come in handy.

In this sense, one of the most common problems when we have to add multiple cells that contain hours and minutes, mainly due to the fact that for every 60 minutes we must add 1 hour to the sum, which complicates the picture a bit, making it more complicated and difficult to solve.

To exemplify this fact, let’s assume that we have a spreadsheet with a range of cells with the hours and minutes that a person has worked on a certain task.

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