How to reuse an old computer?

It has happened to almost all of us that when acquiring a new computer we have abandoned the old PC that accompanied us for years . Usually, the first thing we do is put it away with other old junk, until one day we meet it again and sadly decide to get rid of the obsolete equipment. But stop! We can always bring it back to life!

When we replace the old PC , and especially when we begin to experience the gigantic benefits that the new computer we buy offers us , the old equipment begins to fulfill functions that have nothing to do with its true purpose , since it is abandoned in some corner of our home only resigns itself to gathering dust.

The truth is that if the PC still works , and all its components are in an acceptable state, we do not have to turn it into a technological grill as seen in the photo, much less get rid of it.

There is always the possibility of bringing her back to life, reassigning her other tasks. In short, with a little work that obsolete team can become the ideal ally for certain tasks . That is why here we tell you what are some of the most interesting alternatives to be able to reuse the old computer.

Windows to Linux PC

If we are Windows users , and we have always resisted testing the effectiveness and functionality of Linux, the old PC can become the ideal means to do so . Even once we have installed some of the distributions of said system, we can experiment by making thousands of changes and modifications in the configuration, without the fear of ruining the installation, because ultimately, as it is an old machine, we can always go back to format it for further testing .

In this sense, the ideal is to opt for one of the most popular and simple Linux distributions , for example Ubuntu or its sister Kubuntu , depending on the desktop environment we want to test, whether Gnome or KDE , although of course we can install, uninstall and reinstall everything we want on this machine.

Once we have installed any of the Linux distributions, we can also begin to download and install a myriad of free distribution applications, and thus test the advantages that free software offers , without putting the PC we use to work at risk.

If you are thinking of reusing your old PC by installing Linux , we invite you to read some articles that can be very useful.

From PC to NAS server

Another interesting alternative in regards to the function that we can reassign to the old computer is to turn it into a NAS server for our house , and in this way take great advantage of the obsolete equipment.

This is ideal in cases where we have a home network made up of various computers used by various users . For example, if at home we have a couple of desktop PCs, plus a notebook or netbook, and some other device such as a tablet, the old computer can become the server where the most diverse files that we want to use are stored. on the different computers that make up the home network .

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