What is Linux?

Surely on more than one occasion we have heard of the “war” between Windows users and Linux users, both operating systems, where each side vehemently exposes the most important characteristics of their preferred environment. And if we have listened carefully, it is most likely that we have been wanting to know more about this free operating system.

Currently, Linux is one of the easiest operating systems in the world to use, at the level of Windows or even more, since the user does not have to deal with viruses or problems associated with security, mainly due to the strong policy of system permissions, which does not allow the proliferation of these threats. However, no Linux does not end in security concepts, it is an operating system that has a lot to offer.

If you want to know a little about the history and current affairs of Linux, do not hesitate to continue reading the rest of this article.

A little history

Linux is basically an operating system based on Mimix, which in turn was based on Unix , which was designed primarily to offer users of the computers of that time a zero-cost operating system with the possibility of growth.

Developed by Linus Torvalds at the University of Helsinki in the early 1990s, Linux grew into a serious and respectable competition to market alternatives like Windows,and it’s not just that Linux is free, it’s about it. it has to do with that it is a solid, stable and very complete system.

Thanks to the fact that the Linux kernel, the fundamental part of the operating system, joined forces with the Foundation for Free Software, we can now have distributions for practically every type of task, from audio editing to distributions for office automation, ready to use. be downloaded, burned on a DVD or pendrive and installed on any computer.

Free, Open Source and Free

Unlike other proprietary systems like Windows, Linux is open source, which means that each user, according to their knowledge, can bring improvements to the features and the software, which translates into greater flexibility and capacity.

What is a Linux distribution?

Basically, a Linux distribution is a complete operating system packaged and ready to use, with all the necessary software including audio and video editors, office suite, and video conferencing apps, among many others, and generally oriented to a specific use, if well there is no shortage of general purpose distros like Ubuntu.

In this sense, Ubuntu is one of the most respected Linux distros, thanks to the fact that it is easy to install, maintain and solve possible problems that may arise with use.

However, it is not the only one that meets these conditions, since we also have Kubuntu, ElementaryOS and many others.

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